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The Power Of Peer Groups

The Power of Peer Groups

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Les Postnikoff will be educating us on the Power of Peers, and Life Changing Events.
Les is a Canadian executive with extensive experience in senior leadership roles throughout North America and around the world. The range of companies he has led or provided guidance for include Fortune 500 companies, early stage startups, publicly listed dot com’s as well as large private technology companies with a global presence. He is currently a majority shareholder in an Alberta business and coaches other business owners and executives.

In his role as a TEC Canada Chair, he provides coaching and mentorship to business owners on Vancouver Island as well as chairs regular private advisory board meetings whose ultimate aim is to improve the lives and increase the effectiveness of the participants.

Personally, he is a lifelong athlete and a professional golf instructor who has completed multiple multiple marathons including the 90 KM Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa.
Part 1. The Power of Peers – How the company you keep drives leadership, growth, and success
Part 2. Life Changing Events – How the company you keep drives leadership, growth, and success
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