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For those that aren’t blessed with wings

The Ducky 500 has many wonderful sponsors, including WestJet. I was lucky enough to fly with a local representative of WestJet and this is what I learned…
“WestJet is proud of the social investment we make in the communities we serve. As part of WestJet’s responsible growth, our culture of caring extends beyond our aircraft and our airports and into the community at large. Across Canada we are putting ideas into action through two community investment programs. WestJet Cares for Kids works with six national charities that impact child’s health and wellness issues. WestJetters Caring for Our Community supports WestJetters who give their time and passions to organizations in their communities. These programs empower WestJet owners to be active participants in giving back to the communities where we live and work.”

Thank you WesJet for all you do for the community and for supporting the Ducky 500!



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