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Meeting Highlights: March 29, 2018

Meeting Highlights: March 29, 2018

Games Night!

We’re wearing our workboots and aprons, wielding our spades and charge machines, and having a hard-working year. Tonight we played!

We just had a few announcements:

April 5 – for those who saw the article in The Record on Thursday about Dean Rohrs’ visit to the Valley on April 5 for our Celebration of Women and Men working Together in Rotary, we hope it stimulated members to order tickets. Please do so right away; the organizers – the Presidents of the local clubs plus Mo – need to get numbers to the caterers. Sales will be concluded on Tuesday, April 10.

Online at…/4189-celebrating-rotary

And if you are coming to the event and are able to arrive an hour early to help with setup or stay a bit late to help with take down, it would be appreciated.

Remember to go to Native Sons on April 5. Loneliness and hunger are the only things that await you at D’Esterre House House next week. Caterer Dawn / Custom Gourmet Catering tells me she’s going on a date with her husband that evening – good for her!

Pres Jo noted that she would be away in Alberta at a wedding and will miss the April 19 meeting. PE Russ Wigle is going to get his feet wet by presiding over that meeting.

Pres Jo entreated all club members to please, please, please complete the Member Satisfaction Survey. And to talk to her if you need a different way of completing the survey than online. Every voice matters. The date of shutting down the survey has been extended to April 13 to allow for the spring break busyness to conclude.

Here’s the link:

Tim announced that on April 12, he will have signup sheets ready for The Ducky 500 ticket sales. After all, what is spring around the Rotary Club of Comox without the quack quack of ducklings? So on that date, bring your calendars and be ready to commit to some sales venues. Tim Cowan still needs 2 more venue managers. Those persons do not have to sell tickets, so offer your services!!

Best birthday wishes go out to Les Postnikoff (April 6) and John Marinus (April 10). They will be celebrating before we meet again on April 12.

April 12 is also the date to arrive early at the meeting if you can, to help us get through the first night of prepaid meeting ticket sales. Thank you!

Announcements completed, the meeting was turned over to Charlene Davis and Hannah Rail, who had organized and presided over creative games that used a variety of human occupations from intellect to fine motor skills to sheer luck!! What a lot of energy they put into building the games and putting the process together. From Crokinole to bean bag toss to Trivial Pursuit to Pictionary…..

It was a boisterous evening! Team Treasurer won the most points: Norma Pelletier, Murray, Alix, and Fred – congratulations! And Sandy Clausen won the spare change for guessing closest to the number of jelly beans in the jar: he guessed 3001 and there were 3003! Uncanny, Sandy!

Charlene and Hannah, thank you. It was so much fun.

See you all next week at Native Sons and the week after, back to D’Esterre House. Come one, come all!! Come and support John North and his busy Community Service Committee and hear all about what they’ve been up to.


Leif Jason

Director of Public Image 2017-2018

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