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Six Key Themes with hover descriptions (taken from ESRAG)


How does biodiversity benefit humanity?

Earth’s biodiversity, now suffering catastrophic losses because of human activity, is essential for human communities to survive and thrive. We depend entirely on nature’s ability to provide us with ecosystem services. Here are some examples. Indigenous plants capture water for our aquifers, keep soil fertile, and prevent erosion. Healthy, unpolluted watersheds protect our drinking water. Terrestrial and marine forests sequester carbon and defend us from drought, heat, sea-level rise, and storm damage. A huge share of the human food supply depends on pollinators, and mangroves and coral reefs provide the habitat for our fisheries. Protecting wild habitats from human encroachment reduces our risk of pandemics.


Rotary is uniquely placed to empower local communities around the world

to implement Climate Solutions that help reverse global warming.

If one Rotary International President could inspire millions

of trees to be planted, imagine the opportunities that await.

Sustainable Living

Living sustainably within the planetary boundaries.

Food Systems

For humans to thrive, our food systems must thrive.


Search for a solution to put an end to pollution.

Circular Economy

Rethink, refuse, reduce, re-choose, repair, reuse, recycle towards zero waste.

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