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Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride 2017

From Richard Clarke at Strathcona Sunrise Rotary comes an invite to Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride 2017: 10 Days to the YANA Ride – so far it is the 3 Amigos, Bill, John and me from Sunrise riding – we would love some company – Super Sue and Russ Arnott are usually at the return gate literally giving us the gears with the help of some young friends – YANA is still looking for volunteers and of course we are all looking for pledges to help YANA To volunteer, ride or donate go to – if you decide to join the Rotary Rides team – the password you will need is rotaryreg1 (all lower case) It would be great to have some other Rotarians riding with us – everyone picks their own distance!

You Are Not Alone (YANA) – Helping Families in the Comox Valley, BC
YANA is a community organization offering help to Comox Valley families who need to travel to access medical treatment for their children.
More info @
Automated post from Rotary Club of Comox –
August 11, 2017 at 11:55AM

Leif Jason

Director of Public Image 2017-2018

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