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Read about the 10th Annual Whiskey Festival

The 10th annual Comox Valley Whisky Festival took place on February 1, 2020 at Crown Isle Resort. Tickets were

  1. Grand Tasting only – $100
  2. One Masterclass and the Grand Tasting – $125

We had five Masterclasses to choose from

Shelter Point Masterclass
Terroir plays a large part of a spirit. At Shelter Point, they grow over 200 Acres of grain on the family farm in Oyster River. Established in 2011, Shelter Point Distillery is located on 380 acres in Oyster River, BC, about halfway up the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Farmed for generations, Shelter Point remains one of the last seaside farms on the Island. They are naturally blessed with the key ingredients of exceptional handcrafted artisanal spirits: fertile fields to grow their barley, a large underground aquifer to provide naturally filtered water and crisp sea air compliments of the Salish Sea. Add in skilled craftspeople, traditional Scottish distilling methods and a state-of-art facility, and the result is a world-class distillery on the West Coast of Canada. Leon Webb will be pouring Single Malt, Single Cask Virgin Oak Finish, Smoke Point, Single Cask Foch, Double Barrel Batch 4 and New Make Whisky Spirit. Leon was trained at the world renowned Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh Scotland.

Victoria Caledonia Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery Masterclass
Join Graeme Macaloney as he shares his story and his whiskey!

Enjoy Macaloney’s Twa Cask Highland, Macaloney’s Twa Cask Speyside, Macaloney’s Twa Cask Islay, Macaloney’s Caledonian Glenloy, Macaloney’s Caledonian new-make, and Macaloney’s Caledonian Peated Mac na Braiche

Blended Malts from Rare Drams Masterclass
Join Adam Bradshaw as he takes you on a tour of some limited edition, cask strength blended malts from Douglas Laing’s Regional Malt Collection and Old Perth from Morrison & MacKay.

Blue Collar & Scholar Masterclass
Presented by Adam Drummond and Dr. Gregory Cran, co-authors of Nosing & Tasting the Water of Life: Blue Collar & Scholar Guide to Whisky Pairing

This master class looks behind the dram by offering a brief history of single malt Scotch and how the ‘water of life’ generated a burgeoning industry of whisky explorers. The session explores the alchemy and language of tasting, offers an exciting selection of single malt Scotch from various regions of Scotland, and shares some musings and advice on pairing the single malt with food and numerous activities.

PMA Masterclass
Join Joel Virginillo, PMA’s Scotch specialist, on an exploration through the hand crafted arts used in the production of this small yet iconic distillery. The Balvenie is known for its eclectic cask finishing and is one of the few distilleries left utilizing its own working malting floor, cooperage and copper smithing. Taste your way through the progression of cask influences and enjoy a few very rare drams!

All proceeds to Comox Rotary Projects including;


Big Thanks to our supporters!

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