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We’re so pleased to officially announce our 12th Annual Whisky Fest, coming to Native Sons Halls on February 9th, 2024.

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Details from our 11th Annual in 2023.

Master Classes, $160 (includes Grand Tasting)

Victoria Caledonia Distillery Master Class
There once was a wee Scottish lad by the name of Graeme Macaloney who found a summer job bottling whisky and fell in love with Uisge Beatha, the ‘water of life’. He dedicated his heart to finding a way to make whisky for a living, though circumstance would find a way of sidetracking his dreams.

Macaloney Distillery’s own Brand Ambassador, Josh Power, will showcase a range of World Whiskies Awards winning gold medal single malts, exploring how best distillation methods with BC grain, peat smoking at the distillery, and various maturation casks influence your tasting experience.

Blue Collar & Scholar Master Class

Blue Collar and Scholar together have a passion for discovery, comradery and sharing of a good whisky. Adam Drummond is a Highland Games heavy events athlete (who throws cabers and stones) and a
certified automotive mechanic with a penchant for finding the perfect dram.
Gregory Cran is a practitioner and scholar (and Whisky Ambassador) with a passion for history, science and lore.

Together they have published Nosing and Tasting the Water of Life: Blue Collar & Scholar Guide to Whisky Pairing and have conducted whisky tastings at numerous events both in person and online.
Their tastings and their book are about single malt whiskies made from a traditional distilling process in Scotland and how it creates an existential relationship between this ancient tradition and a sensory experience waiting to unfold.

Adam and Greg will be offering a range of unique single malt whiskies representing each of the whisky regions of Scotland.

Grand Tasting, $125

Exhibitors & Ambassadors

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WeCan Shelter Society. Providing homes for the homeless in the Comox Valley.  Currently working on home number 9.

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