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Comox Rotary Visioning Session

Vision Statement:
The Comox Rotary Club is an inclusive group of service-minded leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of life locally and internationally. We are guided by a strong commitment to integrity, goodwill, and fellowship.

On Saturday April the 20th, led by President Garry Steele, 20 Comox Rotarians met with 5 district facilitators to plan the next 5 years of Comox Rotary. After determining projects and concepts participants would like to see in a range of areas including fundraising and community service, even the size of the club in 5 years. This large number of excellent ideas was written down and mounted on the walls and then subjected to two rounds of voting that whittled the myriad, and sometimes contradictory selection of ideas down to a more concise and cohesive list that will assist in determining the direction of the club for the next 5 years. Well done Comox Rotary!

Leif Jason

Director of Public Image 2017-2018

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