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The following committees perform the following functions in the club. Committee chairs are also noted:

Membership, Rob Van Haarlem

Designs and carries out member recruitment activities, provides support to new members, and orients and engages new members in club activities.

Club Service, Hannah Rail

Coordinates all aspects involved in the smooth running of the club, such as arranging Programs and Speakers and setting up for meetings.  Club Service Committee is also responsible for organizing club fellowship events.

Community Service, John North

Disburses club donations to deserving Not-For-Profit Organizations and develops and organizes community development projects for hands-on work by club members, eg in the past, Rotary members have assisted with building the Comox Rotary Stage at Filberg Lodge Park.

Literacy, David Peat

Coordinates participation in community literacy projects and initiatives, such as Raise-A-Reader and the Reading Buddies program, run in the past.  The Literacy Committee reports to the Community Service Committee.

World Community Service, LaCosta Squires

Develops and participates in humanitarian projects in other countries through Rotary Foundation grants.

Public Image, Tom Miller

Advances awareness of Rotary in the community via our websites, social media, email marketing and media. Coordinates same with sponsors and recipients of support.

Youth, Sukhman Sidhu

Provides opportunity to youth through such aspects as student exchange programs and mentorship in high school and post secondary institutions through participation in Interact and Rotaract clubs.  Youth Committee also disburses annual scholarships.

Vocational, Aaron Mcluskie

Showcases the occupations and businesses of club members and inspires vocational excellence by inspiring and mentoring ethical business practices by members, youth, and the business community at large.  The Vocational Committee reports to the Membership Committee.


Organizes the various club events that raise the money to carry out projects for the betterment of our local and global community and to fund the causes and charities the club wishes to support.  The present club fundraisers are the annual Canada Day Ducky 500 rubber duck race (Tom Miller), Club Auction (Victor Anasimiv), Smoked Wild Salmon Sales (Rod McKenzie), Whiskey Fest (Leif Jason), and Emergency Kit (Tim Cowan) sales.

Awards, Rod McKenzie, Foundation Director

Calls for nominations and selects recipients of club awards, such as the Community Paul Harris Fellowships awarded to non Rotarian community members who nevertheless exemplify the values of Rotary.  This committee is chaired by the club Rotary Foundation Director.

Finance, President Russ Wigle for 2018/2019 / President Elect Charlene Davis for 2019/2020

This committee consisting of club executive members and a club member at large assists with preparation of the budget and analysis of any club financial policies that need to be developed.

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