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Where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.

Since our last Visioning Year in 2013, our club has achieved many objectives, including;

District Outreach:

  • Advanced members to:
  • 5020 District Governor for 2019-2020, a Rotarian with great 20/20 Vision: Maureen Fritz-Roberts!  Congratulations, Mo!
  • Assistant District Governor beginning in 2017; an excellent choice: Stu Tunheim!
  • District Western Europe Country Officer in the Youth Exchange Program: Good job, Julia Loo!
  • District Nominating Committee; Wendy Stewart represents Areas 1,2,3,4 – Wendy’s many skills being put to good use!
  • Chair of the Mid Island Group of Rotary Clubs for international work (Again, Mo Fritz-Roberts – a busy woman!)

And the club has benefited from the participation of Mo Fritz-Roberts and Dale Roberts on the District Visioning Facilitation Team.

Been Awarded:

  • Presidential Citations each year
  • Olson Award for International Service from the District
  • District Literacy Award
  • Member Tim Cowan received the District Vocational Service Award.  (Much deserved, Tim!).

Giving & Fundraising

  • Along with its members, donated $92,000 to The Rotary Foundation.
    (Our club gives the most per capita of any District Canadian club and 4th highest in the District.  All time giving by the club is at $440,000!)
  • Increased its Rotary Direct method of giving to The Rotary Foundation by 314% – from 5 to 29 members, 2nd largest number of members of any District club.
  • Established a Standing Awards Committee.
  • Awarded each year, 4 – 6 community members with Paul Harris Fellowships.
  • Raised approximately $320,000 for club projects and giving.
  • Distributed approximately $148,000 to worthy community organizations and initiatives.

Local & International Initiatives

  • Took part in rebuilding the petting zoo fence at Filberg and funding and building the Comox Rotary Stage at Filberg.
  • Along with other CV Rotary Clubs, sponsored the first Vital Signs study of quality of life in the Valley.
  • Instigated the Comox Marina Waterpark Project and is leading the charge to make it happen.
  • In collaboration with other island clubs, completed 3 water projects in Honduras, one of which is in the final reporting process, plus one more project in the application stage; contributed to many more projects of other clubs.
  • Applied for 2 District Grants on behalf of Interact and received approval; Interact completed one; the second one is a collaborative project between the club and Interact – both are projects in Honduras.
  • Taken part in 2 monitoring missions to Honduras plus 1 in conjunction with Interact.
  • Awarded PHFs to all members of our partnering Rotary Club in Comayagua, Honduras and that club’s closest affiliated “Friends of Rotary”.
  • Produced a film on water projects in Honduras.
  • Been pleased to endorse Tim Cowan in volunteering twice with RESTOR in Ethiopia and donated in his name.

Supported Youth

  • Supported its Interact Club to do its first international project and to sponsor the “Market Kids” (AYO) Program.
  • Re-established the Rotary Exchange Student program and sponsored 2 students: Lotta and Hannibal.
  • Begun to support a fledgling Rotaract Club at North Island College.
  • Continued to provide bursaries to students in the total amount of $12,000.



  • Rewritten and updated a New Member Hand book
  • Increased our membership by ~24%; we now have 71 members plus 4 Honorary Members.
  • Recruited more members under the age of 40; Female membership is at approximately 42%.
  • Implemented a reward program for proponents of new members with a bottle of delicious Conundrum wine.
  • Changed our focus to embrace the vocations of members and de-emphasize “classifications”.


Club Process

  • Established an inter club Public Image Committee to coordinate a monthly Comox Valley Rotary print media page.
  • Amalgamated all event websites into one Rotary Club of Comox website.
  • Initiated capacity for online ticket and other sales.
  • Established a club social media presence.
  • Continued to support the 1000 X 5 and Raise a Reader programs, one with District Grant assistance; carried out a Reading Buddies program at the library.
  • Calculated a reserve fund for the club for contingencies.
  • “Purchased” 4 charge card machines for use with various fundraisers and club functions.
  • Embarked on a trial revamp of the Front Desk check-in and payment procedures.
  • Implemented Rotary Moments to update the invocation portion of the meeting.
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