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We have a number of sponsorship opportunities.

Whiskey Fest

Sponsor a Master Class. Make a small introduction of your business to event attendees before introducing the presenter.

Why sponsor the Ducky 500?

The Ducky 500 ticket is a great place to advertise. We offer visibility on all our print materials and social media, supported by our online presence. The Ducky 500 has high recognition and high positive feelings in the community- it is an advantage to be associated with the Ducky.

There is another, more altruistic reason to be a Ducky 500 sponsor. Money raised through Ducky sponsorship is used by the Comox Rotary Club for humanitarian projects in some of the poorest places in the world. We link with another Rotary Club in that country to ensure that every penny goes to the project, then do things like drill wells for clean water. You won’t just be advertising or donating, you’ll be saving lives.

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