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Congratulations EDAS!

Everyone Deserves A Smile (EDAS) ProjectEverybody Deserves A Smile is one of the organizations we’re proud to support, with a donation of $500 this year.

Everybody Deserves A Smile (EDAS) is a grass-roots project that was started 12 years ago to bring a smile to those homeless, in a hands on & heartfelt way.

-Ecole Puntledge Park Elementary students and staff (host school:) with the help of Isfeld, Vanier and Cumberland students made and handed out 904 care packages to those homeless in the Comox Valley, Victoria and East Hastings, Vancouver. (our goal was 800 :).. so awesome!

-Locally ..
Over 900 toques donated
.. 900 mitts/gloves donated
.. 900 scarves donated
.. 900 woolen socks donated
Many of it hand made:)

Over 800 books donated (Rotary Club of Courtenay Book Sale Club)
Over $37000 raised

11 schools from District 71 partnered with Puntledge to make it all come alive and as you know so many service groups, (all four Rotary Clubs), many local businesses, and many community members.

EDAS piloted a 10 week curriculum program called “Inspire Change” with Puntledge,  Isfeld, Vanier and Cumberland Community School

Leif Jason

Director of Public Image 2017-2018

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