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What is the Ducky 500?

2009 Ducky 500 022

The 26th annual Ducky 500 is ready for another running of the ducks, or should I say swimming. On July 1st at 1pm sharp the cannon sounds and 6,000 highly trained athletes, also known as rubber ducks enter the Courtenay River. The adrenaline flows, the senses are heightened and there’s a blur of feathers and water. It’s a battle of the strong in heart, mind and body. The crowd goes wild as the leaders of the pack come around the bend in the river and head toward the QUACK team – Quick Underhand Avian Capture/Kontaiment team. The first duck across the line is name champion and the generous donor who sponsored that duck wins the grand prize. This year that lucky human will sail the seas on a 7 day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean for two, or can take the cool $5000 cash. Not bad for a $10 investment. The best part of the entire day is that all the money you spend on tickets is used to support charities in the Comox Valley. So get ready, the tickets for the Comox Rotary club’s Ducky 500 are coming!



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