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The good that we do

Wasn’t that a great parade!?! This Duck thought so!


Did you miss The Duck and all his helpers at Empire Days in Cumberland? Never fear, The Duck has photos! All my ducky friends had a blast and we owe a very big thank you to all who helped support the Rotary Club of Comox by purchasing a Ducky 500 ticket!!



Everybody loves the Ducks!


You may be asking what is the benefit to buying a Ducky 500 ticket? Not only do you get a chance to win $5000 but you automatically help support local charities that Comox Rotary supports, such as Dawn to Dawn action on homelessness, the Care-A-Van, RCMP camp for kids, Therapeutic Riding Society, Child Development Center and many more! So if you want to help out your community come get a ticket from a friendly Comox Rotarian, like President Garry Steele pictured below giving a cool $10,000 to Richard Clarke, chair of Dawn to Dawn.



Know your limit, play within it. 19+

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